Thursday, October 11, 2007

ミランダ効果(the Miranda Effect)
BBC reported this Tuesday (Wednesday in Japanese time) the Miranda effect, which has been observed in the U.S. these days and was named after one of the main characters in an American TV drama “Sex and the City.” In the show, Miranda is a high-flying lawyer and a graduate of Harvard. Her aggressiveness sometimes scares off men who try to ask her out.
The Miranda effect boils down to high-achieving women pretending to be less successful than they really are, for fear that they might make their potential partners feel uncomfortable and threatened.
Does it happen everywhere? They conducted an interview in London. One woman said that women should be more confident. Another woman said that when men enjoy their relationships women can feel more powerful. One man said that he looked for something more than what their career or achievement might be and that career is only a transitory thing after all. Another man said that if his career was in decline he might feel very threatened.
As for me, the Miranda effect seems understandable because I often feel inferior to others. I would feel insecure in front of women like Miranda, though I also find it difficult to get on with male go-getters.
Here in Japan, too, the Miranda effect might become more commonplace as more and more women are socially or financially successful. I imagine a lot of career women are already trying to look less important than they are in front of men in their minds.
Career pressure and the new game between mediocre salarymen and competent career women. A tough challenge for new-generation ladies!

火曜日発信のBBC News Podcastを聴いていて知ったんだけど(イギリスとの時差の関係でちょっと遅いです)、今アメリカでは、「ミランダ効果」(the Miranda Effect)というのが話題だそうです。 ミランダというのは、もちろん、Sex and the Cityに登場する、ハーバード大学出身の女性弁護士です(すごいね)。特に女性の方の間では、SATCって根強い人気がありますよね。僕はこのドラマを少ししか見たことがないのであまり詳しいことは知らないんだけど彼女の勝気な性格が男の人を敬遠させているんです。






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